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start a blog

Hello, if you come on this post it means you want to start your blog and you need to get a full guide on how to do this

Here I am giving you deep knowledge of, how to start a blog and make money from it, so let’s start.

Before starting I am clearing some simple things related to this.

What is a blog?

In simple language, a blog where we are sharing our thoughts and experience into a site and updating content in a daily or weekly bases its called a blog.

Here I am giving you some example where you can relate like: lifestyle blog, Blogging blog (, fashion blog, travel blog, Music blog, fitness blog, DIY blog, and sports blogs so these kinds of the site which you see on the internet, these all an example of a blog.

What is a Website?

You ever heard about that blog and website have some difference each other, if you are a beginner then you not heard about it but it’s important if you are going to start a blog,

So don’t worry here I am clear this thing, below I am giving you some topic where this is fully clear

1. A blog where you share your experience and thoughts and here you update your content daily or weekly bases but on the website where you don’t update your content so frequently.

2. In a blog, your site is the dynamic format and whereas a website is a static format.

3. Mainly a blog is taking some extra power ( like processing power and it is hosted on WordPress mainly ) but the website is directly open this will not be taken so much process.

4. As I say above blog are commonly hosted on WordPress, so when a user comes on blog site first WordPress taken all data from hosting server and then it will show to the user but in case of website or static site user comes on the website and then all data are fetched from hosting here no medium are available between the user and hosting.

Choose your blog name and niche

choose your blog name and niche

Before you start your blogging journey you need to pick a blog name and your perfect niche where you are working in the future so what are your niche lets know which type of niche is best for your blog.

What is a niche?

Niche is defined as a field where you can capture your audience related to their interest. Mainly there are three core niche

  1.       Health
  2.       Wealth
  3.       Relationship

Under these three core niche, all kind of sub-niches is comes

niche and sub-niche - star a blogs

So now you know that what types of niche and sub-niches are present pick a niche if you know about that particular sub-niche if you think that a financial niche is best for AdSense earning because here a high CPC you got but you have no knowledge related to this sub-niche.


I suggest that you don’t pick these kinds of niches where you have zero knowledge.

In starting to pick those niches where you already know about it.

It can be a Lifestyle niche, Food niche, Yoga niche, Blogging niche, gaming niche end so on.

Hope you pick the best niche for your first blog now let’s pick a blog name related to your interest.

How I pick a blog name?

If you don't know which type of blog name is good for your niche then you can choose your own name.

I explain it more for your understanding so let’s assume that you run a tech blog then you choose your blog name like Arjuntech or you also put your surname in last like

And if you choose a financial blog and you totally confused then go to “LeanDomainSearch” website

leandomainsearch on google

Put your sub-niche name like “blogging”, “travel” and “lifestyle” this site suggest you tons of tons of ideas related to your blog pick the best name as you like it.

Search arjun on leandomainsearch site

Note: Don’t do this. Never choose a brand name that already establishes like amazon, google, etc.

Select your domain name

select your domain name

“If you don’t choose your blog and niche then first choose your blog name and niche as well then go further ahead.”

Hope you successfully choose your blog name now go to BlueHost or click here and register your domain name below full step are explained how to register your domain name.

Note: Before you register your domain name first checkout online if any offer is given on another site then you go with this or you go with BlueHost I highly recommended it to you.


Here a thousand types of extension are available like “.com, .net, .org. .in, .us, .cc” etc which one is good for you blog I highly recommended to all beginner go with “.com” if this is not available only then you can go with “.net or .org”

Otherwise, you can use some add some text in your domain name for taking your “.com” domain ( e.g. is not available then I try to find a name on leandomainsearch site where it suggests me tons of tons name then I pick another one like or and go with them)

Go to the BlueHost website.

bluehost site and click on domain
  • Now, you search your domain name here as you see on image,

search your domain with bluehost - blog
  • If your domain name is available then it looks like that as show on image, and it is automatically added to cart.

got .com domain on blue host site
  • Below you see a proceed button click on that and you go for buying your domain, So it's very easy.

got .com domain on blue host site 1

Now, you choose your platform where you can host your domain like on blogger or on WordPress if you go with blogger then you don’t need any kind of pay fees it’s totally free no charges apply here you got everything totally free like hosting, SSL, CDN and more things totally free.

But if you go with WordPress then you need to pick a web hosting service provider and here you giving charges on monthly bases and yearly bases.


Pick the best web hosting

pick the best web hosting

If you decided that you want to go with WordPress which is commonly used for every blogger, so your decision is good because here you got a thousand types of customization on your blog.

What is hosting?

Hosting is defined as where we are put our all data in a server which helps to connect with the internet and it’s a combination of a Ram, Rom (SSD), CPU, and most important which is an internet connection.

You also can make your computer your own hosting, as you see, these things you need for making a hosting but there more things also added on the best hosting service provider like they giving us security for hackers that protect our data.

Types of hosting

web hosting infographic explain - dedicated, vps, shared hosting here.

Basically, there are several types of hosting like

  1.       Web hosting ( shared hosting )

When hosting is divided into many people then its name as shared hosting or web hosting.

As you can see into the blog diagram were at the top the main hosting or setup then it’s divided into different sub-hosting and some companies also divided these sub-hosting to mini hosting which is very cheap hosting you got from that site which does this kind of work.


  1.       Virtual Private Server hosting ( VPS )

When you are reading Virtual private server it’s mean is a hosting which is divided into some private server and then given to you.

Basically, a hosting company put the bigger size of things into one set like in CPU they put 5TB SSD, 100GB Ram after this is divided into different different types like 50GB SSD Storage and 2GB Ram,

Which are given to a particular user which want to take this VPS

Hope you understand what is VPS ( Also see the diagram where you more understand what is VPS )


  1.       Cloud hosting

If you understand web hosting and VPS then this is a combination of these two things. In simple word which company are put our data center ( Datacenter is its location of hosting company means they are set our company in a different country and places their all hosting at those countries as well ) in a different country and they are using a CDN ( content delivery network ) for fast speed.

Because suppose if my site is based on a hosting company which does not place our data center in many countries they are based on the USA I took their hosting when a user comes from the USA then my site is open fast or normally but if any user comes from another country suppose India then what happens,

First, my site open on his browser and all data are fetched from the USA and it will take mini second or few seconds to suppose my site open in the USA in 1 sec and for another country which too many far then it will take maximum time as compare to the USA,

But if this company providing me a CDN support or they place our data center in different countries then for another country my site is loaded fastly because now my data are put on his all server ( data center ).


  1.       Dedicated hosting

When you are buying a complete server its called dedicated hosting.

Here a server is given to you where you can create multiple VPS according to your need or you can resell their hosting to your costumer.

Many new hosting companies are done this kind of thing they buy dedicated hosting and sell them at a very cheap price like below 50rupees.

But here you are not able to access another server like Different different data center, now your data center is fixed if you want to take your site in the cloud then you can go for CDN where this will set your data in every country.

These are common hosting types.

 Important Note:

  1. Here one thing, which most important to know that if you are thinking that a company which is providing hosting in huge amount and another one is providing in very cheap so what is the difference in between them, so the difference is its processing and power cause the site speed down some company is using old component on his server like they are using old generation RAM and SSD so they will also reduce the power of speed when your site is open.

  1. When you are going to buy hosting then, first of all, know that which type of features they are given to us like SSD, Ram, Core, Bandwidth and how many users they handle suppose your daily traffic in million and you took a cheap hosting which is not handle your traffic so you need to go with genuine hosting as I am highly recommended to you go with BlueHost Hosting.

How to buy web hosting?

Here is the full process explained how to buy the best web hosting for beginner to advance this one hosting give you those features.

Step #1 Click Here 

bluehost home page - buy hosting

Step #2 Now click on get started button ( as shown in image )

bluehost hosting choose plans

Step #3 Choose "choice Plus" plan Highly Recommended

Step #4 Now put your register domain in ( Use a domain you own ) this box.

chooce your own domain

Step #5 Now create your account give all details like name, address, payment details which asks fill and submit.

create your bluehost account

Step #6 Hooray now you got a Super Fast hosting on the internet.

After buying domain name and Webhosting what we need to do so let's know below.

Its Time to Connect web hosting with wordpress.

{ If you don't know how to connect web hosting with domain name comment below now. }

Start a blog with WordPress

start a blog with wordpress

Make sure that you connect your domain name with your hosting then go further ahead.”

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a site where you can customize your blog, here you don’t need any kind of coding you can create a beautiful site through WordPress in just a few simple clicks.


How to install wordpress?

Here I am giving step by step guide where you install wordpress easily, let's know below

Step #1. Go on your Hosting site where you click on Cpanel.

Step #2. Your Cpanel looks like this ( as show on image )

cpanel home

Step #3. Scroll down and find wordpress click on it.

wordpress 1

Step #4. Now click on install now.

Step #5. Now you need to choose your domain where you want to install your wordpress, [ note: make sure you pick latest version of wordpress now it is 5.4.2 and in directory it will always take blank ( remove wp ) ]

wordpress 2

Step #6. Next, you choose your site name and its description or you can do it later after installing wordpress this is optional.

wordpress 3

Step #7. Important, Now you choose your user name, password and email id please make sure you write these things at safe place because when ever you login into wordpress its require or this is mendatory this username or password don't share with anybody. 

choose user name and password

Step #8. After doing these all things now you click on install button and a progress bar start and your wordpress are install.

install wordpress 1

Step #9. Now you can login into your wordpress account just search like this [ https://domain-name/wp-admin/ this is the url ]

wordpress login page

Step #10. A login page are open where you put your username or email id and password which you created recently and you login into your wordpress account.

wordpress home page

After successfully installation of WordPress now you need to implement your theme which is you buy or lot of free themes are available on WordPress but below I am some premium theme mention which is highly used by blogger.

So go with these themes, which theme are fully customizable if you go with a free theme then there are only a few things you customize not all things so go with premium one.


Pick the Best theme for your blog

pick the best web hosting

Before choosing a theme you check out which type of layout is best for your blog or you can see your competitor layout which type of they are using

In WordPress million types of template already available where you choose your template or theme and customize your theme according to you.

You can buy the best theme which I have mention here  {{ coming soon ……… }}

Note: Don’t use free theme if you are downloading a cracked theme or old theme and these are download from another site which are providing cracked and hack theme then your site content and site as well are any time hacked by the hacker so go with mention theme above.


{{ how to install a theme coming sooo………. }}

{{ how to customize a theme coming sooo………. }}


Publish your first blog post

publish your first bog post

Now, you did everything its time for writing a blog post for your blog, Don’t worry I am telling you how I am writing my blog post what is my own personal strategy let’s know more about it step by step –

Step #1: Find keyword

Before you are writing a blogpost you need to know your post focus keyword for example write know you are reading “how to start a blog” so here my keyword is telling about “blog”, similar to what is your keyword.

Step #2: Draw a heading and subheading chart

After finding your keyword and go further forward you need to know your heading and sub-heading which is cover on that particular post.

If you don’t know how you find your heading or sub-heading related to those keywords so type this keyword on google and you got many sites and then you pick the top 5 website which comes first.

Then you analyze those top five sites as well as you can see LSI keyword which is mention below it means people are also searching for that so what you do with this LSI keyword.

You add those LSI keywords into your heading and as well as in your post paragraph for increase your post SEO score.

Now, you find at least 7 to 10 heading which is related to your keyword then schedule them into a perfect manner.

Step #3: Start writing a post

First, give some idea what are you telling about in your post after this select your first heading and giving in deep information related to these specific heading.

Note: make sure you do not merge your all heading into one when you explaining one heading or sub-heading then only talk about those heading.

Step #4: Re-check your written post

It’s your responsibility that you make sure that your post is fully completed and also check the grammar of your post you can use these free tools which helps you a lot more.

Your post is ready, now go and publish this post

How to publish your post through WordPress?

{{ tell full step by step guide coming sooo………. }}

Promote your blog

promote your blog

Its time to promoting your blog in front of people who needs their problem solutions,

Here I am giving my personal technique where you can do the same and promote your blog and gain traffic,

First, things you need to know which type of your blog if you reading above types of blog section then you know if you don’t need then first read this and come back here,

Now analyze your audience interest before promoting your blog on social media platform or you can do this by simple know that which is a type of your niche,

Then create a profile on social media plate forms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, and more social media sites are available where you can do these things.

And promote your site there, as well as you can interact with those people who really know more about those topics where you already publish in your site so tell theme or given a direct link so they can go to your site.

But, always remember that you focus on one or two social media sites like Facebook or twitter and youtube if your content is sharable also for video format then you can go there.


Make money from blogging

make money from blogging

Everybody wants to earn money from a different source and you also won’t earn money from blogging then its true that you can make money through blogging in a so competitive era.

Let’s know about how we make money from blogging.

So there are different different types of way where you can earn money from blogging,

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Guest posting
  5. Backlink
  6. Domain selling
  7. Sell traffic

These are some common ways where you can earn money from blogging.

You can enable google Adsense ad where you earn money on daily bases and track your daily earning in Adsense dashboard millions of bloggers are using this platform to make money from blogging.

How I can make money from AdSense?

Its answer is very very simple first you create a blog as you created if you are following our all steps from starting, then there is a simple thing to know about AdSense,

First, you need to apply for AdSense approval,

Second, if your site is approved then you can add Google AdSense ad unite code ( get this code from its AdSense dashboard ) into your WordPress header.php under <head> to </head> section.

After doing this you just gain organic traffic on your site or you can use social traffic for initial days not use it for permanent bases.

How I can take sponsorship for your blog?

Before taking any kind of sponsorship you need to gain organic traffic on your site because sponsorship only depends on organic traffic if you got millions of organic traffic on your site then you don’t need for asking for someone,

You organically got too many emails from those people who want to give you money for promoting his product on your site.

So, first of all, focus on organic traffic and also updating your content as well.

How to do affiliate marketing?

This question is asking too many times to me so if you want to know its full details knowledge then you read our how to do affiliate marketing post,

Where I am giving you full deep knowledge of affiliate marketing from scratch to super advanced level.


Finally, here you got all the deep knowledge of how to start a blog, here I will take a full weekend and then write this deep guide post hope you love it, comment below if you have any kind of problem-related to blogging I will resolve your all kind of queries,

Thank you for giving your precious time for reading how to start a blog step by step guide beginner to expert.

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